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What is 4GenNow?
Like for Entrepreneurs

We connect and match entrepreneurs with intergenerational co-founders (Gen Z, Millennial, Gen X and Boomer) to be more successful, then fund the most promising.

We create intergenerational collaboration one intergenerational startup at a time.

4GenNow is a non-profit with a pretty intriguing mission and model... We encounter a ton of organizations across the Inno network that are focused on launching/supporting startups... But this is the first time I’ve heard of the generational angle. Pretty cool hook.
— The BEAT,

Now, more than ever, investors are interested in multigenerational teams because they are demanding so much of startups. Companies need to have industry connections, understand channel development, be up-to-date on the latest technologies used in app development, know how to scale a company, understand data.. It’s unlikely that a mono-generational team is going to bring all of these characteristics to the game and execute at the remarkable speed investors are looking for.
— Peter Adams, Executive Director of Rockies Venture Club

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