Who is 4GENNow Anyway?

We connect and match solopreneurs (solo founders) with intergenerational business partners (Gen Z, Millennial, Gen X and Boomer) to be more successful.

Then we fund the best.

We create intergenerational collaboration… one startup at a time.


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Ready to meet someone who could transform your startup business into the real deal?


Ready to kickstart your startup? Join us October 12th in Denver!


2nd Annual Power Partners Summit, October 12 at CU South Denver in Lone Tree, CO

America's Largest Gathering to Connect, Match and Fund Solopreneurs with Intergenerational Partners and Investors

Keynote Speakers


Amy Lynch, Founder of Generational Edge


Peter Adams, Executive Director of Rockies Venture Club


Alan Gibson, Co-Founder and Chairman of OneClick.chat 

Dillon Myers, Co-Founder and CEO at OneClick.chat

Join 500 intergenerational solopreneurs looking to find intergenerational partners and funding
$1,000 awarded to winner(s) of the Intergenerational Startup Pitch Competition

New Series: Road 2 The Summit

Introducing a new six-part series called Road 2 The Summit, exploring topics you need to know about, which we'll be covering during our
Second Annual Power Partners Summit in Denver!
You'll learn what qualities to look for in a co-founder, how to communicate across generations, and much more!

Hosted by our own 4GenNow member Christa Ward, we hope this series will provide you with the information you'll need to be successful at our upcoming summit. 

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