For entrepreneurs needing complementary skills or experience,
connections or capital to launch and scale a startup


Match and Pitch Program


How does the program work?


100% Money Back Guarantee



3 payments of $165


100% Money Back Guarantee

Find Your Intergenerational Co-Founder in 6 Months & Receive:

  • 12 introductions to prospective intergenerational co-founders

  • 2 minute virtual pitch to angel investors within 3 months of finding your co-founder (with written feedback)

  • 1 minute professionally edited video for angel investors to view

  • Pitch deck content review

  • Pitch deck practice with feedback (virtually)



  • What if it takes longer than six months?

    We provide a 100% REFUND No Questions Asked

  • When are the 3 payments due?

    First payment at sign up, the second is due 1 month later and the final payment is due 1 month after that. To manage your payments, log into your account.

  • What is a professionally edited video?

    You submit a video recording to our dropbox. Include images, clips of your office, any supporting information, screenshots, etc. Our team will edit and send you a one minute professionally produced video for our angel investors to view. If you live in Denver and travel to our studio, we will film you from the start and also edit.

  • Who and where are the angel investors?

    Angel investor relationships developed by 4GenNow, including: Rockies Venture Club.

  • Who can I contact with additional questions?

    Jim Sugarman, Co-Founder; Jim@4GenNow.comĀ