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Unleash an entrepreneurial renaissance to fuel economic growth in urban and rural areas in the US and Europe by connecting intergenerational co-founders and investors.

What We Do:
We connect, match and fund four generations of entrepreneurs (Gen Z, Millennial, Gen X and Baby Boomer) to launch and grow intergenerational startups. 

Our Why:
Research shows that one of the top reasons startups fail is not having the right team. Often, it’s about a lack of diversity in the team.  When we think about diversity, we often think about race and gender.

Well, there’s another, often overlooked component of diversity that every startup can use.  To become more credible, more impactful, and more successful… generational diversity!


Too few startups are created and 80% fail within 18 months. (Forbes)   

Intergenerational co-founder teams foster diversity in backgrounds, experiences and perspectives.  These differences yield smarter decisions, better cash management, and more innovation that results in bringing needed products and services to market.

Our vision is connecting four generations (Gen Z, Millennial, Gen X and Baby Boomer) to create powerful collaborations that generate greater success.

Our Story:
In early 2016 after reading a study from the Kauffman Foundation, I asked my Millennial daughter if she thought seasoned and inexperienced entrepreneurs could meet, get to know and then launch intergenerational startups.  She said: "Let's find out!" I asked: "Want to be a co-founder?"  She texted: "K!"


Generation Guide:

GEN Z: 1996-2017

MILLENNIAL: 1977-1995

GEN X: 1965-1976

BABY BOOMER: 1946-1964

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If you're ready to find your intergenerational partner or need to find your next great idea, joining 4GenNow is the first step.   26 Meetup chapters around the world, an active LinkdedIn community and in-person Power Partner Summits set you up for startup success. 

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