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4GenNow believes it takes people of diverse ideas, experiences, and skills to make businesses succeed. We encourage the building of intergenerational teams to create powerful collaborations in bringing needed products and services to market. We are a 501c3 non-profit organization.


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We connect and match solopreneurs from four generations
(Boomer, Millennial, Gen X and Gen Z)
to launch startups together and then fund the most promising intergenerational startups.


  • How we create and fund startups is broken; too few startups are created and 80% fail within 18 months.
  • Research shows that one of the top reasons startups fail is not having the right team. Often, it’s about a lack of diversity in the team. When we think about diversity, we often think about race and gender. There’s another, often overlooked component of diversity that every startup can use to become more credible, more impactful, and more successful… generational diversity!
  • Not enough funding for startups
  • Angel Investors prefer to invest in startups whose co-founders have complementary skills, experiences and perspectives.
  • Intergenerational startups with co-founder teams foster diversity in backgrounds, experiences and perspectives. These differences yield smarter decisions, better cash management, and more innovation that results in bringing needed products and services to market.

Finding a co-founder or business partner twice or half your age
can drastically help you to become more profitable and receive angel funding.





By combining the experience, knowledge and skills of four generations (Boomer, Millennial, Gen X and Gen Z) of solopreneurs, we create powerful collaborations that generate greater success and more funding for startups.

If you're one of 41 million solopreneurs in the US and are committed to building a business (not just a hobby) and you're open to finding your intergenerational partner, joining 4GenNow is the first step.

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Jim Sugarman - Headshot

Jim Sugarman
Co-Founder of 4GenNow

Jim is co-founder of 4GenNow, along with his Millennial daughter, Samantha. He has over 15 years experience producing trade shows and conferences for himself and others in a variety of industries including: financial, tech, retail and food & beverage. 

For nearly 5 years, Jim lived and worked in Hong Kong assisting US trade show producers expand their portfolio of events throughout Southeast Asia.


Samantha Sugarman
Co-Founder of 4GenNow

Born in California, raised in Hong Kong and currently living in Massachusetts, Samantha is an ambitious creative whose insatiable appetite for knowledge and adventure has taken her around the globe and unveiled her passion for creative direction in a high fashion setting.



Peter Adams -- Rockies Venture Fund

Peter Adams
Executive Director, Rockies Venture Fund

Peter Adams is the Executive Director of the Rockies Venture Club and Managing Partner of the Rockies Venture Fund and Rockies Impact Fund. His role includes thought leadership for angel and VC investing throughout the U.S. through blogs, speaking and writing. He has also created the HyperAccelerator one-week accelerator program as well as angel and corporate innovation accelerator programs. Peter has over thirty years of business experience in corporate leadership roles as CIO and economics director and as a CEO/serial entrepreneur. Peter is also the founder of The Rockies Venture Institute and BizGirls.org, a non-profit CEO Development Program for young women. Peter serves on the Board of the Angel Capital Association, a national leadership organization for angel investing in the U.S. Adams is a co-author of Venture Capital for Dummies, John Wiley & Sons, 2013.


Amy Lynch
CEO, Generational Edge

Amy Lynch has spoken to hundreds of groups from MTV to Reynolds, Boeing, U.S. Bank and the staff of the U.S. Senate. As an entrepreneur she has built, managed and sold several businesses and along the way, managed and been managed by four very different generations. Her recently published eBook, 3 New Generational Realities and 38 Killer Strategies You Can Use to Crush Gen Conflict Now, is full of solutions to everyday generational issues. 


Robin Szeliga - Right Action Consulting

Robin Szeliga
Principal, Right Action Consulting

Robin is an executive and professional development coach. She works with executives and leaders who are seeking to achieve their highest potential and success as they define it. Her 25-year career in management and ultimately the executive suite for both public companies and non-profits gives her a unique perspective on leadership. Robin’s coaching begins with visioning and creating a clear picture of the future you desire and culminates in practical, tactical plans to manifest your vision.

Robin conducts workshops on Dealing with Difficult Behaviors in the Workplace, Emotional Awareness and Management, Identifying and Capitalizing on Your Strengths, Energy Leadership: Creating the Conscious Leader, Leading Through Change, and Leading with your Values.

Nick titus - myonic technologies

Nick Titus
CEO of Myonic Technologies Inc.

A young inventor, entrepreneur and student with extensive knowledge in neurology who is also the CEO of Myonic Technologies. In addition to innovating and developing the product, Nick's role also requires him to manage day-to-day operations and Myonic Technologies' image. His goal is to revolutionize the meaning of assistive technology and develop a user-integrated product that is affordable and easy to use. 

As an iGen/Gen Z, Nick's understanding of how the youngest generation's mind operates is an asset to connecting 4GenNow members with other generations through communication and education.


Christa Ward, PHD
4GenNow's Senior Researcher

Christa Ward, Ph.D. is a research consultant who utilizes qualitative and quantitative methods to determine how and why people interact with various products or services. Through the use of participant observations, focus groups, online surveys and usability studies, Christa has made it her goal to help key stakeholders find the most effective way to enhance the user experience. Christa firmly believes carefully crafted research can help businesses to ensure that every website, application and social media community is created with the voice of their user in mind.