4GenNow Denver Meetup, Oct 26th Featuring Singular CPA Services

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Deliver the Value: Plan. Analyze. Execute!

Chris Hambor from Singular CPA Services will talk about the importance of creating a realistic business plan that has measurable, financial metrics and how to analyze the data your plan is providing you. If you always know where you are and how you are doing, you will be equipped to make business decisions in a timely, informed manner that will help you grow the value of your company AND give you peace of mind through the process.

Chris began his public accounting career in 2006 and founded Singular CPA Services in 2016. His passion for creating his own company was to develop a unified culture where team members and clients live by a common set of core values. Helping people grow their businesses by creating strategic plans to create efficiencies, manage cash flow and ultimately increase the value and sustainability of their companies is his passion. He also provides consultation services to client in a variety of tax areas including Federal income taxes, state income tax planning and entity restructuring in order to minimize tax liabilities.

Bachelor of Science in Accounting, University of South Florida
Masters in Taxation, University of Denver

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