Fierce Teamwork: Multi-Generational Teams Making an Impact


We're wired for social connection and meaningful relationships. In the workplace, our relationships matter. When we have a good relationship with another person, they become part of your team. Your team builds your trust, your confidence, and also guide you to make better decisions.

We can apply this to our generational disparity because each generation has a different viewpoint so that we can learn from each other. Just like a successful football team, each generation has their important role. Millennials, when they slow down to focus on another, can learn a lot from a baby boomer who has deep life and business experience. And the reverse is true with boomers, who open to learning new things, can learn much  from the technically savvy millennials. Gen X and Gen Z can also learn a lot from each other, as there are similar values in each of these generations, if they just would open up to having a  conversation. When we appreciate each other for our differences, we can go far!   


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This generational disparity can either serve us, or be cast aside as an untapped opportunity. When we let the walls down and let others in, a valuable learning opportunity arrives. Building your team with multiple generations can give your business a real boost. With multiple generations on your team, you have the wise, the tech savvy and the patient combined into one team for maximum impact.

Multi-generational teams in the workplace are not only a great idea when building a team, but a multi-generational team is  extremely useful when serving a wide audience of customers. The ability to relate to and speak each generation’s language can add up to seeing higher leads and conversion rates with customers.



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Today, our challenge is to break out of our comfort zones. Be brave and make a connection with someone in a different generation. We never know what places and adventures a friendly introduction will take us. We could even find your next team member!

Cheers to closing the Gen-Gap,

Jim Sugarman

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