Your Generation is Needed for the Success of the Team

Peter Adams is the Keynote presenter representing the Baby Boomer generation at the upcoming 4GenNow Summit in Denver, Colorado. He is both the Managing Director of the Rockies Venture Fund and Executive Director of the Rockies Venture Club, Inc.


As a venture capitalist, he is in constant contact with people in their 20s, as well as those from every other age group. Intergenerational teams do exist and are only one type among many that he often sees. As a Boomer, Peter often finds himself counseling, coaching, and teaching those seeking to fund.


Working with teams across all generations, his perspective as a Boomer allows him to see differences in how teams approach problems and how their approach is influenced by their generation. It’s his job as a venture capitalist to determine if a team will be able to work well together and evaluate their ability to execute since the ability to execute is a key risk.

Teams that are aligned with themselves and with their markets are the most likely to succeed. Clarifying that this is one of the main thing investors are looking for provides high value to people looking for venture capital. Peter is a matchmaker bringing teams of all types together; his specific focus for this project is on intergenerational teams.

Peter stresses that intergenerational teams provide diversity of thought and that can be either good or bad based on their ability to communicate effectively within the team. He is also clear that other types of diversity absolutely need to be addressed within these teams. He says, “Diversity doesn’t just happen; you must be intentional in creating it.”

Peter is able to bring some perspective and make decisions based on product market fit. His partner in his venture fund is thirty-two and brings balance and an alternate perspective when marketing brands to a large number of customers.

The most important thing brought about by working with different generations is the ability to execute effectively. In early-stage companies, execution risks are one of the main risks. People of each generation are hesitant to act for any number of reasons from fear of failure to lack of confidence.

Young people in their twenties sometimes hold themselves back because they feel they haven’t earned the right to success. Investors are considering their idea, their passion, and their strategy to carry it out (not their age.) Older people sometimes have the perspective, experience, and tools to execute and they know how hard it is to actually succeed. They’ve also had failures along the way which often causes them to hesitate. The combination of validation with energy and enthusiasm is needed to move forward, making each generation’s strength vital to success.

This summit is the first of it’s kind; no one else is really addressing this need. There are a lot of people talking about diversity. Peter is curious to see how this hypothesis carries out. He’s also interested to see how teams present themselves and see what stories come out of this event. He is looking forward to understanding and evaluating the risks and benefits based on this approach.

He says, “This is an interesting twist that takes the value of diversity in a different direction than most, so it’s an interesting event to get involved with.”

We’re thrilled to have Peter as a keynote presenter and looking forward to gaining wisdom from his experience and insights.

Interview and article by Laura Pence Atencio, Founder & CEO of Social Savvy Geek, LLC on behalf of 4GenNow.