4GenNow Power Partners Summit 11/17: Sponsor Spotlight - Singular CPA Services


Chris Hambor, CEO, Singular CPA Services

"Hi Chris, thanks for taking the time!
Tell us a bit about why started Singular CPA Services?"
"I created Singular to create a company that has a unified culture throughout the organization. Not only internally, but also externally with the clients we serve. We wanted to bring a level of expertise in tax and financial management consulting to small businesses that is often not available to them for a variety of reasons. We want them to have confidence in us and see the value that we provide.

"I noticed that you work with a lot of startups... Why do you enjoy working with startups?
"I enjoy working with startups because it is critical for them to have a solid financial management foundation in order to manage their cash flow. Companies often wait until they run into problems before they seek the help of a qualified professional. In many cases, they are depleting their most important resource, which is cash. In other cases, they are out of business. We bring a service to them that fits within their budget and gives them the peace of mind that their plan will be successful. Finally, the excitement and energy that entrepreneurs of new businesses bring to the table it something that we feed off of in our own business. It makes our job fun!

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"If you could give one piece of business advice to our attendees, what would it be?"
"Create a solid financial plan to manage cash flow and measure it on a regular basis to identify shortfalls (and successes) as they occur. Whether it is marketing or operational metrics, these items need to be measured regularly to fix the issues before they become significant problems. A solid plan provides clarity for where your business IS and where it is GOING and will reduce anxiety due to uncertainty."

Awesome, thank you, Chris!! Looking forward to meeting the Singular CPA Services team at the 4GenNow Power Partners Summit next Friday, Nov 17th at the University of Denver!

Samantha Sugarman