4GenNow Power Partners Summit on 11/17 Sponsor Spotlight: Infinite Peaks Holdings, Paul Suchoski, Partner


Paul Suchoski, Partner, Infinite Peaks Holdings


Hey Paul - Thanks for taking some time with us today.
Tell us why you joined Infinite Peaks Holdings?
"About 2 years ago after enjoying life from the sale of one of my companies, I realized that I missed the excitement of the start-up world so I re-engaged as an executive.  On the business front, I hope to spend the next ten years helping small to medium sized companies with business development and strategic sales."

What types of companies is Infinite Peaks Holdings interested in?
"We're interested in companies with proven revenue, IP in place, hardware/software agnostic, and product companies, not service companies.  Our goal is to provide capital and human expertise to help companies accelerate growth."

Tell us a bit about your professional background?
"After graduating with a PhD in Electrical Engineering from the University of Florida, I spent many years as a research scientist submitting patents and writing publications--- and many years with United Technologies. In fact, UT backed my first startup which grew within 3 years to over $5 million in revenue. 
The first half of my career focused on developing fiber optic technology and growing companies that had major influences on navigation, broad-band analog transmission systems for defense applications, cable TV, telecommunications, and the internet. I spent the next ten years as an angel investor, Board member, public speaker, and volunteer high school teacher (I believe that a strong STEM background coupled with business skills and emotional intelligence sets our youth up to be successful adults!!)."

Anything else you would like to share?
"Personally, I hope to give back by working with local high schools to improve their STEM and business programs - possibly going so far as to develop an entrepreneur bootcamp for Denver area students interested in developing high tech products."

Awesome... many thanks, Paul, and looking forward to seeing you and hearing you speak at the 4GenNow Power Partners Summit about: "What Can Be Done to Improve Market Efficiency within the Fundraising Environment in Colorado."

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