How to Instantly Connect to Any Generation

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Humans are wired for connection, and it’s no secret that technology makes it more difficult to open up and have conversations face to face. Here are some tips to help help you connect to any generation instantly. Depending on your level of comfort, the tips below are designed to engage and challenge you to reach out to a coworker to build rapport and find commonality. Starting with #1 as the easiest, and ending with #5 as the expert, challenge yourself to try them all.

Ready, set, here we go! Let’s find some things in common:

1. Favorite Foods - This is an easy conversation starter for many people, simply because we all eat! Ask what traditional food a person ate while growing up, and what their go-to food is today. Are they on a cleanse, are they following a Ketogenic diet, a Paleo diet, or do they prefer a traditional southern French Creole meal?

2. Career Goals - Not only is this an important question, but it can potentially open up room for mentorship. We all need someone to learn from, and in turn, it feels great to mentor another. Fill another person's cup, and go the extra mile to make a difference. One act of kindness can travel miles,and make someone’s day.

3. Places Traveled and Going To Travel - We all travel or  have aspirations to travel. -By learning where people have traveled, and where they would like to go next, you can get a sense of their personality and personal brand! In turn, you have an opportunity to make suggestions of where to go. It’s all about give and take here.

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4. Bucket List Items - We all have a bucket list and by starting this kind of conversation you may find a thing or two you and another person have in common. Perhaps you both like the idea of skydiving or backpacking across Europe with a group of good friends. Maybe you both want to visit Canada, or even ski on the Alps. This is a great conversation topic and it opens the door to connection and commonality.

5. Life Goals - This is the expert topic, as it can be personal here. What are their life goals? Do they want to become a wealthy entrepreneur to take care of their parents? Do they want to start a family? What are their business goals? This topic is a great conversation starter for business partners and family connections, because it is professional and personal in nature. When you feel comfortable with your colleague give this one a try. 

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When you see the opportunity, make the connection! We are all wired for it. See how far you can go in the challenge, and ask a friend to do the same. The challenge is designed to build rapport across all generations. Take the  time right now to connect and together we can make our community a better place, one conversation at a time. Good luck with your new connections!

Cheers to closing the Gen-Gap,

Jim Sugarman

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