Sponsor Spotlight: Magic Flight Studios, Chris Deardorff, CEO

Recently, I spoke with Chris Deardorff, CEO, Magic Flight Studios and a Proud Sponsor of 4GenNow Power Partners Summit.  
"Why is StoryTelling an important marketing tool?" 
Chris: "StoryTelling an important marketing tool? Customers are increasingly growing weary of being sold to. Yet, people have and always will love stories - whether in film, books, or other creative mediums. Additionally, stories have been proven to be an effective tool for engaging and influencing audiences as people retain and comprehend information better when learned through story. "
Tell us a bit about why you started the Magic Flight Studios? 
Chris: "Stories, quite simply, are what drove me to pursue a career in marketing 12 years ago. At its core, marketing is about telling great stories around businesses, products, and stories. Yet today, I find so many companies are instead focused almost exclusively on going viral and data analytics. As a result, they're not engaging and influencing their customers effectively and thus, are not growing as much as they could. So I decided to start a company 2.5 years ago that would not only show companies how to tell great stories but help them actually do it, with the goal to help them grow their businesses successfully and sustainably over time."
What (1) takeaway do you want your RoundTable discussion attendees to take away from your topic, "Marketing to Startups & Small Business?"
Chris: "
Your marketing is only as effective as your business, product, and service stories are. 
What sets Magic Flight Studios apart? We combine an engaging and influential storytelling approach with growth focus marketing strategy and execution services."
Why do you enjoy working with startups? 
Chris: "Startups are creative and innovative companies that work at a rapid pace in hopes of accomplishing a lot in a short amount of time. We value these qualities a lot as we like to work in the same fashion."

Thank you, Chris, for your time, sponsoring and speaking at our 4GenNow Power Partners Summit, November 17th at the University of Denver! 

Samantha Sugarman