Member Spotlight: KaTonya Jones

KaTonya Jones

4GenNow Co-Organizer Detroit, MI

KaTonya Jones is not your average financial coach.  Her finance expertise is only a fraction of her qualifications to help better your financial future; the true prize is her genuine concern and dedication to your financial wellness—a quality usually unheard of in the investment and finance industry.  KaTonya says “I am compassionate for anyone going through financial stress.  I am here to offer financial solutions and a way to make money without being highly leveraged.” That’s the KaTonya factor; not only determined to see you at the next level of your financial well-being, but she also possesses the professional insight, compassion and key expertise to see it through!

Married 15 years with three children ranging in age from 10-14, her oldest was born with brain damage at birth; thereby gracing KaTonya with the vision to certainly understand the need for financial independence and stability.  With a passion to educate both individuals and families about the inner workings of the world of money and finance, she focuses on unlocking the money mystery.  KaTonya loves helping people build wealth... as she likes to say, “Wealth while you sleep!”  One of her prime objectives is helping equip you to fund your children’s college educations, investments or your retirement; and if those aren’t part of your immediate plans, devising a strategy to become free of debt with more discretionary income surely is!  She can fulfill a purposeful ambition by teaching you how to move your money to the global economy so it can work for you instead of you working for it.  KaTonya has been recognized for producing reliable results for the past three years and is also looking for sharp, dedicated, opportunity-minded individuals to join her team and connect for limitless open doors, so she can share financial knowledge, prime insight and training.

Entrepreneurs and other local business owners such as realtors and mortgage brokers should also look forward to forging a strong partnership with Jones as she shares her vision to develop rapport and strengthen one another’s organizations with mutual referral exchanges by incorporating PINK (Powerful Influential Networkers in the Kingdom), the non-profit Christian Women’s Business referral network she founded in 2016.

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