"Unspoken" Advice from a Billionaire

Yesterday,  I had a chance encounter with a billionaire!

My wife and I were walking around the Chesnut Hill Reservoir, a popular walking spot near our home in Boston, and who should I see walking towards me but Robert Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots! I immediately recognized him as I had just been watching the Patriots vs Houston game on CBS.

I was so stunned to see him.

He was humble, gracious and so respectful, introducing himself to my wife. I told him of my appreciation and respect for what he's done in building the Patriots organization into a championship team and for being a philanthropist to not just Patriots fans but to all New Englanders.

Even having just been at the Patriots game a few hours before, he took the time to speak to us as if we were his new best friends. The game he had just left from, Tom Brady led the team for the 50th time to a 4th quarter come from behind victory with less than three minutes left in the game! (and yes, as you can tell, I'm a total Pats fan.)  

But of course, I forgot to ask for a photo.

So we go running after him (and a business colleague he was walking with) and he kindly agreed to take the photo.

My business takeaway from this chance encounter with a billionaire?

We're all ordinary people who are capable of achieving extraordinary things ... if we always treat others with R-E-S-P-E-C-T!

Thank you, Mr. Kraft.

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