Member Spotlight: Amanda Metzger


Amanda M. Metzger is the Founder and serves at the CEO and visionary of BidMyVid®. She possesses decades of entrepreneurial experience and is a seasoned CEO forged in the Service and Trades Industries. 

Amanda is a bit of an enigma. She's a hard-core trades industry, "I fix things" person and technology pro. 

Her background includes:

  • forestry industry, 

  • automotive as a Ford certified technician, 

  • niche concepts such as water treatment and plumbing services and divisions, 

  • her current venture, established 2010, DenverElectrician.PRO service company.

She knows the service and trades industries and their challenges and is passionately trying to save them from collapse and growing shortage. 

It was working in the trades that showed her first hand the need for BidMyVid®. Her current project will provide a loyal client base because she understands the need to add value for all parties.

She is a relentless and driven individual. She looks to provide proof that needed change and integration of technology can save time and frustration for many. Contractors love her, and her clients can attest to her work ethic.