Partnerships That Work: An Interview and Free Guide from Prosperion Financial Advisors

Check out 4GenNow’s interview with David Morrison, CEO of Prosperion Financial Advisors. David has written a wonderful e-book called Partnerships That Work: A Guide For Finding The Ideal Fit, and you can get it for free right now! Here’s a little preview:

Humans are hard-wired for personal connection. In our world business connection isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. While a rugged individualist can start a business alone, if you want to be an entrepreneur who creates and grows a truly thriving and successful business, great partnerships are the cornerstone. But where do you find an ideal business partner? And once you’ve found a potential partner, how do you know they’re the real deal? How do you keep things going strong in tough times? I want to tell you about my partnering experience, and give you tools to evaluate your own partner prospects.

Who am I to give you this advice? I am a business owner who has worked alone and with great partners. In January 2011 my business was at a critical tipping point. As a financial advisor, I had survived the Great Recession and global financial crisis. My business was moderately successful and growing slowly. But I knew it was not good enough. My business coach challenged me to create a vision for my ideal life – and I wasn’t living it yet. Something needed to change.