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Social Entrepreneurs' Webinar: Tuesday, March 13th at Noon EST: Linda Staheli, Founder, Global Co Lab Network

Hope you can join our Webinar to see and hear from Linda Staheli, Founder, Global Co Lab Network, discuss Dream Hubs, a safe virtual space for teens globally to support each other, share ideas, network and get inspired in working to address the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)!  RSVP: Jim@4GenNow.com for webinar details

What are Dream Hubs?

Dream Hubs are a virtual space for teens anywhere on the planet to talk with other teens and selected adults who can mentor them around their dreams and aspirations in working on the UN SDGs. Adults with an expertise in the Dream Hub topic may be asked to join the conversation to mentor teens, as appropriate.  Dream Hubs will have their own page on the Teens Dream website and utilize video and other chat forums to engage collaboratively in their areas of interest.

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