Member Spotlight: Conrad Rohleder

conrad rohledeer

What do you get when you combine the head of an engineer, heart of a leader, the soul of a mentor, and the body of a very average all-around athlete? Enter Conrad Rohleder, founder of Clearinity. When he’s not busy helping ecommerce companies formalize their inventory control and accounting practices, he’s busy volunteering out in the community, or taking a long bike ride.

Conrad grew up on the Eastern Plains of Colorado on a 160-acre bison ranch. There, he learned the importance of playing as hard as you work, and how to engagement is the best form of learning. This natural curiosity about the world sparked his interest in finding the underpinnings of the natural world.

While cultivating this curiosity, Conrad engaged with his “larger” community of 1000 people in 4-H, volunteering at the library, helping elderly neighbors, and any other community engagement event that he could. When he wasn’t volunteering, he was working for local community members and learning what makes businesses tick. 

These worlds collided when the Daniels Fund Scholarship noticed him and sent him to the Colorado School of Mines as a Chemical Engineer. The world of engineering was perfect for satisfying the itch around technology, but Conrad was missing the human aspect, where he turned back to the world of entrepreneurship. 

Fast-forward a few years further, and Conrad founded Clearinity. Clearinity focusses on bringing operational sanity back to ecommerce companies with management techniques for personnel training, inventory, accounting, and all things data. Conrad enjoys every moment of entrepreneurship - both in himself and others!

One client I observed began implementing a cloud inventory for a complex business, but really just needed fundamentals. Fast-forward 14 months later, the client still wasn't finding success on that platform due to mismatches between business and technical requirements. Another client I got to help had the initial implementation go well, but they didn't fully understand the system until 6 months later. The last one I helped with is one I approached differently - I wanted to go all-in. We implemented most everything in a few days, and then I spent a few more fixing future expected problems. We had the work done in a week and the client had a deep understanding of the system by the end.

14 months versus 1 week - sweet!

If you’d like to talk with an expert on how to formalize your business processes, and you want someone who appreciates all the other human aspects involved, talk to Conrad today!