Member Spotlight: Devra Ochs


Life’s defining moments may go unnoticed for years, or they can strike like a thunderbolt. Being a mentor volunteer for an at-risk youth organization wasn’t something I expected would change the trajectory of my life. Wow, was I wrong. 

As a mentor to a troubled teen, I witnessed the power of intergenerational support as both of our lives were positively impacted. My mentee found someone in me who was able to ask powerful questions that helped her create her own solutions. I realized that rolling up my sleeves and working one-to-one was my passion. 

I was so inspired that I ditched my corporate career and returned to school to be certified as a professional coach. 

I’m Devra Ochs, the founder and principal of Ochtree Coaching LLC. I offer coaching for millennial professionals and emerging leaders. I bring a unique vantage point of experience—more than 20 years of corporate and family enterprise, including ownership, management and philanthropic expertise—to my coaching practice. My mission is to help others translate personal insight into action.  

I’m credentialed under the International Coach Federation, with additional certificates as a Family Business Advisor and The Enneagram in Business. 

My clients report stronger interpersonal communication skills, less anxiety and overwhelm, more confidence, more fulfilling relationships both professionally and personally, and an improved ability to deal with life’s challenges.  

A third-generation Colorado native, I’m an avid golfer, outdoor enthusiast and self-development junky.

Check out my website: or connect with me on Instagram at Ochtree Coaching.