Member Spotlight: Zach Pfeffer


Are members of the 4GenNow community cut from similar cloth? Like Conrad Rohleder, Zach Pfeffer has worn the hats of engineer, leader and mentor. He also enjoys volunteering at his wife and kids school, writing how-to blog posts and taking long bike rides.

Zach was born and raised in Boulder, Colorado and spent his childhood cycling and cross-country ski racing. At 16, Zach dropped out of Boulder High School for a yearlong adventure in California. At 17, he began attending engineering classes at the University of Colorado at Boulder before matriculating into the School of Engineering; earning a BS in Computer Engineering (‘01) and an MS in Electrical Engineering (‘03). Figuring out how to enroll and succeed at CU without the “typical background” taught Zach that you can create your own path to success with hard work, persistence and help from others.

Foregoing a doctorate in favor of “real world experience” Zach began building software for embedded systems. From Boulder to the Bay Area, Zach spent 15 years moving his understanding wife and kids around building products, teams and organizations for Qualcomm, Xilinx and others before returning to Colorado and founding Centennial Software Solutions LLC. 

Zach has focused Centennial Software Solutions LLC on generating good cashflow by accurately planning and delivering complete software solutions for aerospace, defense and industrial customers. He is then reinvesting the proceeds after expenses into a new family of IoT products that he will spin off into a separate entity as the first products in the family reach productization.

Zach said, “creating and running Centennial Software Solutions LLC would not be possible without the support of my amazing wife and kids, the great people at the Boulder County Small Business Development Center (SBDC), Aiden Durham of 180 Law Co., Lawrence Kopf at 1-888-TAX-ONLY and Jane Gallagher of Accurate Financial. I highly recommend these excellent partners if you need help finding resources, forming a business, optimizing your taxes and maintaining your books. I would also like to thank Liza Antony of Insperity for helping me find the amazing 4GenNow community.”