Intergenerational Entrepreneurship Can Help Women Entrepreneurs 50+ Who Launch Startups out of Necessity

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In an impactful article by Patrick J. Kiger, for AARP, he states that: "Women entrepreneurs 65 and older are more likely to start businesses because they've lost a job or just need more income, according to newly released data from a survey of 20,000 U.S. small-business owners. That’s a contrast to millennial women owners, who are more likely to take advantage of a business opportunity. 

The survey — conducted by SCORE, a nationwide network of volunteer business mentors — found that 28.2 percent of older women started their businesses because they had to. Some 18.3 percent said they saw a business opportunity, and the same percentage said they started a company to follow their passion."

What if... These women entrepreneurs with enormous "portfolios" of experiences, connections and proven ideas - were to launch startups with younger entrepreneurs (Gen Z, Millennial and Gen X)? Bet there would be some awesome success stories!

Intergenerational Entrepreneurship: Uniting Youth and Experience

In a recent interview with about the benefits of intergenerational entrepreneurship, my Millennial co-founder (and daughter, Samantha) and I shared that:

"Young entrepreneurs — with their positive force, fresh ideas and edgy attitude — may bring an intensely disruptive (but important) perspective to older ones. And younger entrepreneurs often bring a keen understanding and comfort level with technology. Seasoned entrepreneurs can bring a wealth of experiences, connections and life lessons that younger, less experienced entrepreneurs may lack."

At 4GenNow (501c3 non-profit corp), we connect and match entrepreneurs (or aspiring entrepreneurs) from one generation with entrepreneurs from another generation to co-found intergenerational startups. And then we help the most promising intergenerational startups find funding.

Thank you, AARP, Encore, and SCORE - for all you do on behalf of all 50+ entrepreneurs (existing and aspiring)!

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