Webinar: The Driving Force of You

Watch the rebroadcast of The Driving Force of You, with Bob Kittridge of Kittridge Connection.

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Member Spotlight: John Bailey
Webinar: Intellectual Property Ownership for Entrepreneurs

Check out the rebroadcast of the webinar with KO Firm, presented by Ben Oelsner.

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Member Spotlight: Devra Ochs
Why Investors Want to Invest in Multigenerational Startups

Finding investors to support any startup can be a challenge. Multigenerational startups are catching the eye of investors, but the road to funding can be confusing and challenging for the new startup.

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Member Spotlight: Marty Wolfe
Webinar: 6 Steps to an Amazing Intergenerational-Teamed Business

Watch a rebroadcast of 6 Steps to an Amazing Intergenerational-Teamed Business with Kim Eickoff of ActionCoach.

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Member Spotlight: Katrina Pfannkuch
Solopreneurs: Find an Intergenerational Co-Founder or Throw in the Towel?

We’ve all read the stories about people like Elon Musk. The lone giant who comes up with an idea, makes millions, becomes wildly successful and is on the cover of every business magazine. Impressive stories that give the struggling solopreneur hope that the endless hours and sleepless nights they’ve been putting in will not be in vain.

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