How Can 4 Generations Change the World Together?

What do you do when you are determined to change the world?

Jim Sugarman puts together first of its kind, multi-generational summits connecting 4 generations. Generations Z, Millennials, Xers, and Boomers usually keep themselves rather segmented from each other... following a well-established protocol, or sitting in the middle wondering how to get the others to communicate effectively.

Jim wants to see how we can come together to help each other succeed in business by bringing each generation’s unique talents and experiences to the table in a collaborative environment.

While there is more to a person’s development and experience than the common experience of their generation, it is an important part of our identities and strongly influences our behaviors. Jim credits his position as the youngest of three for his willingness to take big risks. He embraces the fearless attitude of his Millennial daughter and expects to keep growing along with her.

Jim describes himself as a dreamer and seeks to tap into the visionary nature of Millennials. Bringing more of their idealism into the workplace to change the status quo seems like a natural solution to him. When he looked for (and didn’t find) a multigenerational platform designed to bring out the best for each generation in respectful cooperation, he decided that he must bring the change that he wants to see and create this opportunity himself.

Jim is bringing us all together and developing a forum for this movement. His original inspiration came about reading a Kaufman Foundation study which found that America has an "Entrepreneurship Deficit." Bringing together four generations is a way to bring about understanding of each generation's strengths and experiences in a way where everyone can benefit and grow and create jobs in both metro and rural areas across America.

Recognizing our own strengths and weaknesses allows us to reach out for help. Most importantly, it allows each generation to receive assistance and advice that is offered in the generous spirit in which it is intended.

Until now, generational diversity had been largely ignored in the world of startups. It’s as important for business success and economic stability as other types of diversity which are now recognized as keys to long term success for our nation and our global community. Bringing attention to this untapped opportunity will benefit not only those who attend the summit, but iGen, Millennial, Xer and Boomer entrepreneurs the world over as this movement catches on and spreads.

Jim has especially high expectations for the breakout sessions consisting of twenty tables of mixed generations working together. Watching the interactions of each generation will be fascinating. Will generational roles follow expected patterns or preconceived actions or will we all be surprised? Who will speak up? Who will lead? Who will learn the most?

4GenNow’s Power Partners Summit in Denver, Colorado will be the first of many and is only the initial step attendees will take in finding their inter-generational business partners. Monthly Meet Ups are available and recommended for ongoing relationship building and continued connections... in 15 US cities and 5 European cities. Both in-person and online connections are recommended for all generations!

Over the past year and a half of research and test marketing, Jim has gotten the sense that while the entrepreneurial mindset is more advanced in the United States than in some more traditionally grounded areas, we can all benefit from more emphasis being put on inter-generational projects.

Bringing generations together for the betterment of all is a lofty goal and, as a self-proclaimed dreamer, Jim is giving us a forum in which to develop these special relationships.

Are you ready to be the change you’d like to see in the world?

Interview and article by Laura Pence Atencio, Founder & CEO of Social Savvy Geek, LLC on behalf of 4GenNow.