Member Spotlight: Cassy Huidobro


Cassy Huidobro is a published author, TEDx Speaker and Diversity Consultant by Day, and a Bilingual Instructional Designer and Content Writer by night.

Cassy was born in Peru and grew up in the United States. Growing up, she’d ask questions to the adults in charge about race, discrimination and divisive issues our society faces. She was told not to ask those types of questions or received vague answers.

Her book, is anyone else feeling the same way? Touches on some of these uncomfortable questions, and her recent TEDx Talk in Colorado Springs is about dissolving our racial divide.

As an adult, Cassy started a video blog of uncomfortable questions to get some of the answers our society lacks, by going directly to what she calls “the source.” The source are the people who have the most knowledge about these questions and can provide answers from their unique point of view.

Cassy holds a Master’s Degree of Languages and Literature from the University of Utah, and is committed to dissipate ignorance with education. Only then, she says, we’ll see each other for who we really are: Human.

As an instructional designer, Cassy creates training manuals for small businesses and corporations. She says:

“Excellent copy makes all the difference. It’s a pleasure working for companies who understand the value of on-brand, accurate copy. It’s important to me that the written word is conveyed perfectly for businesses. Whether the writing needs to be formal or informal, the message should never get lost.”

Cassy is also building her own curriculum on diversity and is committing to eradicating our major divisions in the next two generations. Ask Cassy all about it!