Member Spotlight: Christa Ward, PhD


To provide a voice for the voiceless is the idea that drives Christa Ward professionally and personally. Christa says, “As a journalist, as an educator and now as the sole researcher for my company, CJW Consulting, what drives me is knowing that I can help the voices of those who use our products and/or services be heard.  They deserve a seat at the table, literally or figuratively, as we create our products.” Christa knows that every website, application and social media community must be created with the voice of the consumer in mind.

She capitalizes on her expertise in communications and research to create and execute studies that cut through the minutiae and ask the consumer the questions that matter. For nearly 20 years, Christa has listened to and interpreted the various ways people communicate with one another and interact with technology. She draws upon her past experiences when creating surveys, focus groups, moderating panels and conducting usability reviews. Executives from Fortune 500 companies and small business owners have drawn upon her expertise to form and sustain intellectual and entrepreneurial communities and drive traffic to their websites. The types of organizations seeking her expertise are diverse but Christa believes the underlying connection is the acknowledgement that every user, consumer or community member is on a journey that eventually becomes a story. The success of any product rests on a carefully crafted journey created by listening to the consumer’s voice.

Start-ups and well-established organizations (on a limited budget) should seek out Christa’s expertise in research. You can trust her to take your organization’s objectives to independently create and execute your project or you can count on her to collaborate with key stakeholders in every step of the research process.