Member Spotlight: Marty Wolfe


With over 30 years of progressive education, marketing, sales and management experience in human fulfillment and organizational development, Marty Wolff teaches clients how to predict and capitalize on future business trends and navigate the future of employment/work. Having worked with many “futurists”, Marty has a gift for spotting market trends and opportunities to help his clients gain competitive advantage, accelerate growth, increase market share and attain a new level of success. By having a sales compass/roadmap and learning communications skills, it is possible to fulfill your dreams faster and easier and to avoid pitfalls.

Formed in 1998, the PosiDyne Group is a business consulting and training company that helps startups, entrepreneurs, salespeople, leaders and their multi-generational (Millennials to Baby Boomers) organizations rapidly increase revenue through the use of a communications model that improves clients’ interest in buying rather than being “sold”. As such the PosiDyne Process is positioned as an affordable alternative to traditional or franchise-based selling models. 

Specializing in startup, dysfunctional and “turnaround” situations, Marty has balanced Fortune 1000 corporate experience with operating a $5M manufacturing concern dealing in the international arena. He served as President of Tait Electronics and National Sales Manager for divisions of North American Phillips and Kenwood. An international strategist, he has made board level presentations on four continents and eight countries to such companies as GE, Haworth and Motorola. 

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