Member Spotlight: Michael Noel, 4GenNow Phoenix

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You Can’t Sail Today’s Boat on Yesterdays Wind – Michael Noel

CEO and CoFounder Blockchain Consultants and Blockchain Weekly Host After 30 plus years in Private Equity and Finance, I followed my passion for technology. Starting in 2003 as Biz Builder Mike I helped small businesses make the change to CRM, ERP, and EMM, the same tools that Amazon, Staples, Apple, and Walmart used to become the worlds largest online retailers. 

In 2014 I retooled again and became involved in the world of smart contracts and the Blockchain. Blockchain technology is moving, morphing and changing so quickly that it’s challenging to keep up with, even for those of us who work with the Blockchain. 

Even some of the most popular narratives and explanations of blockchain are somewhat dated and misleading. So how should we move forward, and what are the real advantages behind the green curtain of the blockchain. 

As a technologist, publisher, entrepreneur, and Blockchain professional, I look to demystify and simplify the process of Blockchain Implementation. 

I’m a well-rounded leader in the areas of business development, product development, technology management, and operations. Passionate about building companies with scalable technology. I am a big fan of the lean startup, so I am always looking for a new MVP. 

Specialties: Blockchain, Distributed Ledger, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Cyber Security, SEO, SEM, Social Media, Social Media Syndication, Web Development, PPC, CPA, CPM, Philanthropy, Network Architecture, Information Technology, IT, Big Data, Graph Processing, Micron Automata Processor, Disruptive Technologies, Disruptive Innovation, Growth Hacking and Connecting the Dots!