What's Your Missing Link?

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Every startup has one.

If you are a solopreneur (solo founder) lacking complementary skills or experience, connections or capital, your missing link might be (not having) a co-founder. If you're thinking about launching a startup in 2019, finding the right co-founder can reduce the anxiety.

In a recent Forbes article, "Most Solo Founders Think a Co-Founder Would Have Made Their Business More Successful," Philip Salter, founder of The Entrepreneurs Network, cites the following survey results commissioned by Octopus Group:

  • 70% of prospective entrepreneurs believe a co-founder would allow them to take the leap and set up their own business

  • 87% of entrepreneurs with co-founded businesses claim that having one has made their business more successful

  • 76% of established solo founders believe that a co-founder would have made their business more successful

We need more efficient ways to connect and match entrepreneurs to launch startups that last and attract angel funding.

"Our research reveals that there are thousands of potential entrepreneurs out there in need of someone to help them take the plunge and start their own business. But not everyone is lucky enough to meet that person through their existing network. We can and should do more to encourage prospective entrepreneurs to come together and discuss ideas and ambitions. That's when businesses are born," says Chris Hulatt, co-founder of Octopus.

Creating Intergenerational Collaboration, One Startup at a Time

Angel investors prefer to invest in co-founders with complementary skills, experiences and perspectives. According to Peter Adams, Executive Director of Rockies Venture Club:

"Now, more than ever, investors are interested in multigenerational teams because they are demanding so much of startups. Companies need to have industry connections, understand channel development, be up- to-date on the latest technologies used in app development, know how to use social media and advanced marketing tools to track customer interactions, know how to scale a company, understand data, understand values and leadership, know how to build value and make relationships with large potential acquirers. This is a long list and there’s more. It’s unlikely that a mono-generational team is going to bring all of these characteristics to the game and being able to do it all at once at remarkable speed is what investors are looking for."

That's why 4GenNow has developed a proprietary matching system to find your intergenerational co-founder in just 6 months!

  • We find your intergenerational co-founder in 6 months

  • You pitch to our angel investors 3 months later

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If you're "all-in" to kick-start your startup in 2019, we're ready to find your missing link.

Happy Holidays!

Jim Sugarman

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