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Name: Leo Petrini
Email Address:
Generation: Baby Boomer
Chapter: Sacramento, CA
About Venture: We support agencies in Human Services, the largest niche in healthcare. We provide research based prescreening SaaS to help providers identify job applicants with the highest probability for success as a caregiver. Attracting and retaining quality caregivers is critical to industry success and we supply consulting services and industry specific software to improve provider quality and costs outcomes. The industry is under enormous pressure from HHS, their prime revenue source, to improve outcomes.
We seek co-founders with marketing skills (including marketing automation platform management), executive and financial management skills, and CTO or web application developers. We want an intergenerational management team to approach investors. We have clients (proof of concept), proprietary IP, a huge multi- billion dollar market, deep domain knowledge, experience and contacts. talintel 2.0 builds on current B2B model, expanded to a full management services provider to the industry. Additionally, we have a B2C strategy to be supported by unique research based IP.
Personnel / Skills Needed: Business Planning, Capital, Intergenerational Business Partner, Marketing, Mobile App, Pitch Deck for Customer or Angels, Web Development
Importance / Priority: Marketing Co-founder - 10; future CEO, CTO and CFO Co-founders - 8

Brewster is looking for a technical co-founder to scale the business
Brewster LaMacchia
About Venture:
Open source modular hardware for analog or digital signal processing from 8 to 256 channels.
Accessory products for system builders.
Analog Devices A2B based products.
Personnel/Skills Needed:
Seeking technical co-founder with experience with:
Embedded systems design
C/C++ software development
Embedded Linux and FreeRTOS or similar
Familiarity with Arduino and RPi
USB, I2C, and SPI hardware and drivers
Other useful experience
DSP application development
Audio hardware
Test system design
Analog and digital hardware design

Mark is looking for an operations person to manage/scale the business and build equity
Mark Wanger
Email Address:
Generation: Boomer
Location: Fort Collins, CO
About Venture: Re-invented the business to positive cash flow, well defined and proven target markets, and a low cost supply chain. We are now profitable and ready to scale up!
User benefits:
The Ridekick trailer has a motor and battery inside. Hitch it to your bike and enjoy electric assist: enjoy longer rides, strain-free climbs, and less effort riding into the wind.
> Recreational cycling – go farther with a smile and get beyond your limitations.
> Commute to school or work – arrive refreshed and not needing time for a shower.
Wanting an e-bike? Instead of spending $2000 to $5000 and getting yet another bike, the Ridekick trailer hitches to any of your bikes for $799 and provides the electric assist, with extra storage!
Personnel/Skills needed:
Business manager operator (jack of all trades), Marketing/Sales, cycling as a hobby. Entrepreneurial passion!
Importance/Priority: Marketing – 9 : Business management – 10 : mechanics – 7
Learn more about Ridekick at:

Jarreau is Looking for a Co-Founder
Name: Jarreau Wiles
Generation: Millennial
Location: Richmond, VA
About Venture: Phase 1 of Marketing Millennial LLC is dedicated to acquiring clientele in need of video scripts and campaign concepts.
Writing and concept development are the only services rendered. I do not take on any of the costs associated with equipment and production. Through digital platforms, mobile devices and applications, services will be rendered. The website is eCommerce ready. Contracts are done digitally as well. Most of our clients should be Advertising Agencies and small to mid sized businesses.
Our company will network with production companies as well. A referral program will be in place. Any client of ours that may not have a production team in house will be referred to our network of production partners for 10% of the total costs associated with video production. Having the right connections to develop business within these realms are crucial. The biggest piece missing pertains to the financial planning in this niche market. As a partner, you must know the financial planning entailed with this industry. The desire is to become multi faceted. Staying in tune with the landscape of I.T. and content creation will keep us agile as an entity.
Skills needed:  Financial planning, Advertising, Business Development, Capital
Importance/priority:  Knowledge of Ad and Production 10 Lead Generation 8 Financial Partner 1

Kookloo Needs a Technical co-founder/CTO
Name: Team Kookloo
Email Address:
Generation: Gen X
Chapter: Denver, CO
About Venture: We are seeking a personable, creative and confident full stack web developer(s); (seeking both front and back developers) with strong governance, experience and domain knowledge within digital media (video sharing), and capable of developing, testing, and launching a complex large enterprise scale platform (vertical framework scalability) e,g, Youtube/ Snapchat / Twitter / FB / Instagram / et al. 
Kookloo 2.0 is a pure consumer startup. A stand alone, next generation video sharing platform/app, paired with an unprecedented, first of its kind, peer to peer, ad marketplace where video Content Creators, and digital Advertiser/Sponsors may transact and buy and sell ad inventory directly.
Personnel / Skills Needed: Capital, Mobile App, Web Development
Importance / Priority: Technical co-founder/CTO - 10 Mobile App - 10 Capital - 9

Amanda Metzger Needs a Co-Founder
Name: Amanda Metzger
Generation: Millennial
Chapter: Denver, CO
About Venture: BMV Inc. is a game changer in the digital service marketplace with its' mobile application, BidMyVid®. With unique values to serve the very people that service the community in ways that create digital tools and solutions, we look to "Bring More Value" in ways that save time for clients and contractors alike. BidMyVid® is on the leading edge of what is needed for service industry to connect contractors and clients with ease. 
BidMyVid® allows clients to shoot and narrate videos stating the service needs. BidMyVid® allows Contractors to view and bid remotely, plus show up more prepared having had an "eyes on site" experience ahead of the service appointment. BidMyVid® offers added value by way of the "Safe Payment, Peace of Mind" Pay Portal. BidMyVid® protects client repair investments and saves time in Accounts Receivables efforts for Contractors by confirming funds and sending of payment to Contractors after the project is complete. These are a few of the features we offer in efforts to bring more value to our users. We are seeking Co-Founders for Marketing and CMO functions as well as financial partners.
Personnel / Skills Needed: Capital, Marketing
Importance / Priority: Financial Partner 10, CMO Co-Founder 10

Solomon Spector Needs an Intergenerational Business Partner 

Name: Solomon Spector
Generation: Millennial
Chapter: Colorado Springs, CO
About Venture: Flying Cars -- Amazon, Uber, Airbus, Google and many other companies are pushing forward drone delivery regulation with the FAA. Once that happens, the doors will be opened and I am positioning a business to be prepared to capitalize on that wave of innovation by establishing a manufacturing company for heavy-lift drones and human-carrying drones - which by not stretch of the imagination will be flying cars. I'm a solopreneur looking for intergenerational business partners to forge a successful business together.
Personnel / Skills Needed: Intergenerational Business Partner
Importance / Priority: Having a business partner is a will increase the probability of success. Finding the right one is even more important.

Estelle Toby Goldstein needs business planning

Generation: Baby Boomer
Chapter: West Los Angeles, CA
About Venture: I am a skilled and experienced medical doctor with many years of experience in the medical field and I think it is ripe for disruption. All the new startups seem to be trying to do the same old things just a little bit different. I have some radical ideas. I have a specific product that would be relatively simple to get on the market and would also serve as the base for further developments.
Personnel / Skills Needed: Business Planning, Capital, Marketing
Importance / Priority: Entrepreneur/Business Developer - 10, Marketing - 10, Capital - 7

Karen Swanson needs all hands on deck

Generation: Baby Boomer
Chapter: Denver, CO
About Venture: Denver Heartrepreneur® Circle: We are a community based chapter of experienced business owners dedicated to running heart based, honest, accountable, transparent and responsible companies. Our goal is to support, educate, generate and create business opportunities that help business owners thrive. We will meet in small groups (Circles) to discuss our successes and challenges in a non-judgmental and supportive environment. Members will provide suggestions and resources to their peers for business growth. 
As our world becomes more collaborative, it will become more important to be a part of an ecosystem. Heartrepreneur® is creating a global ecosystem of business owners now! I would love to have a multi-generational exchange of ideas in our Circles!!!
Personnel / Skills Needed: Accounting, Business Planning, Financial Analysis, Marketing, Public Relations, Web Development
Importance / Priority: 10


Generation: Millennial
Chapter: Denver, CO
About Venture: I am an artist specializing in metal welding and fabrication. I am starting to transition from art as a hobby to a day job, and I am looking for marketing assistance with finding clients for high-end installation art. For example, an office building that is looking for a sculpture for their lobby or yard. Also looking for web design services.
Personnel / Skills Needed: Marketing, Web Development
Importance / Priority: 5

Mike Schmidt needs: a partner and capital

Generation: Baby Boomer
Chapter: Colorado Springs, CO
About Venture: Ensemble is developing a new innovative investment platform called a "Collaborative Corporate Capital Investing Fund (3Ci) to help develop and deploy a "Venture Development Cluster" to help guide and mentor the business development, technology adaptation, and go-to-market potentials for; (1) Advanced Fuel Cell Solutions, (2) Micro-Grid Solar and Storage Battery Solutions, (3) Kinetic Energy and Personal Micro-Battery and Power Technology, (4) Distributed Energy Generation, and (5) Online Demand Management Solutions so that they can be “tailored” and “targeted” to specific vertical market
We would like to reach out and align with "Social Impact Investors" who are interested in assisting Ensemble to create a $10 million 3Ci Fund to enable this integrated and "holistic" approach, develop some innovative "Next Generation" REIT's (Real Estate Investment Trusts), and align the interests of alternative technology providers, home builders, real estate developers, to develop disruptive solutions to addressing affordable and obtainable housing challenges world-wide.
Personnel / Skills Needed: Capital, Intergenerational Business Partner
Importance / Priority: Capital - 10, Business Partners - 8

Robert Pritchett needs business planning

Generation: Baby Boomer
Chapter: Colorado Springs, CO
About Venture: One branch is a technical services firm ("computer consulting" etc.) and a co-op for entrepreneurs, but the core is something special and proprietary as I'm effectively inventing a new industry. It's similar to a PEO ("employee leasing" firm) but uniquely better. Ideal customer would be a small entrepreneurial business about to hire people or about to have a steady payroll, with a small number of highly paid people (e.g. $120K/year each). Ideal payroll size (our gross revenue) would be about $240K/year and then I'll improve our infrastructure etc. and then grow until our gross profit is about $240K/year (about $2-3M/year gross revenue). By the way the earlier incarnation of this business had $1M gross revenue in 2006 so it's already a proven business.
Personnel / Skills Needed: Business Planning, Capital, Elevator Pitch, Executive Summary, Marketing, Pitch Deck for Customer or Angels
Importance / Priority: Marketing 10, Sales 8; then capital etc. if needed to support marketing & sales, then everything else will come as our business grows. At some point I'll need a rubber stamp by legal, tax, accounting, etc. experts to confirm what I've already researched and deployed (just because that would improve marketing) and possibly tweak my approach a bit if needed.

Andrew Martel needs a mobile app

Generation: Millennial
Chapter: Dallas, TX
About Venture: The company is developing a mobile app that helps empower consumers to make informed spending decisions that make the most of their limited free time. It empowers small retail, restaurant, etc. business owners with a platform to reach more and more customers everyday.
Personnel / Skills Needed: Mobile App
Importance / Priority: Technical co-founder/CTO - 7; I need somebody who can get the product off the ground from a development perspective and then become a leader on the tech side as we grow or who can put together and lead a team to get us there as a leader right now.

Dominique Pacheco needs marketing

Generation: Gen X
Chapter: Palo Alto, CA
About Venture: I am building an empire with a financial services model. My team is composed of all generations, backgrounds and skill sets, but I won't pretend my favorite group to work with is millennials. Millennial women particularly, tend to be ambitious, smart and incredibly energetic in my business. I have the energy of a twenty year old, and the mind of someone with decades in business. I spent the last 15 years in the digital space so I understand how to utilize the best of technology, with a PhD in human nature. Those skill are much appreciated. People who like to teach, are good at follow up, and are innately persistent do very well with my venture. I am located in Los Angeles, but work with offices throughout the US.
Personnel / Skills Needed: Elevator Pitch, Intergenerational Business Partner, Marketing
Importance / Priority: Elevator Pitch: 10
Intergenerational Biz Partner: 10
Marketing & Sales: 5-10 (skills can be taught!)

quentin white needs: pr, marketing, partner & capital

Generation: Gen X
Chapter: San Diego, CA
About Venture: 
Three ideas: 
(1) Orifices: A disruptive bra line (2) Reality TV Show: Sports, Tattoos, & The Entertainment Industry (3) Prevention: An artificial intelligence Saas startup that mined the data of middle,high school, and college students in an attempt to prevent future school shootings.
Personnel / Skills Needed: Capital, Intergenerational Business Partner, Marketing, Public Relations
Importance / Priority: Capital(10), Integernerational Business Partner(8), Marketing (6)

Rex Wisehart Needs: Online Sales

Generation: Baby Boomer
Chapter: Denver, CO
Personnel / Skills Needed: Person or company skilled in creating and executing online sales funnels - to move from targeted leads to closed sales.
Importance / Priority: 9

Jack Cassidy Needs: Export Sales, Financial Consulting

Generation: Baby Boomer
Chapter: Colorado Springs, CO
Personnel / Skills Needed: Export Sales, financial consulting
Importance / Priority: Need export products. Preferably in agricultural machinery or soil enhancement.

Chris Martinez Needs: Business Planning, Capital, Intergenerational Business Partner, Marketing

Generation: Millennial
Chapter: Denver, CO
About Venture: The company is a software company currently working on a web application designed to automate the meeting scheduling process.
Personnel / Skills Needed: Business Planning, Capital, Intergenerational Business Partner, Marketing
Importance / Priority: Co-Founders - 10; COO (Business Planning, Whatever else I'm bad at and you're good at) - 10; CMO (Marketing) - 10; CFO (Raising Capital) - 7