If you're one of 41 million solopreneurs in the US, consider finding a business partner twice or half your age to become more profitable and more likely to receive funding.

Did you know?

Angels Prefer to invest in co-founders

with complementary skills, perspectives and experiences...

but often shy away from solopreneurs near the end of their careers

as well as inexperienced solopreneurs without the proper background?



  • Not having the right team is one of the top reasons startups fail. Often, it’s a lack of diversity in the team.  When we think about diversity, we often think about race and gender. But there's another, often overlooked component of diversity that every startup can use to become more credible, more impactful, and more successful... generational diversity.

Generational Diversity is the Ultimate Competitive Advantage 

Studies on Startups

  • Median founders' age is 39 (Harvard and Duke)
  • American's 55-64 start new businesses at a higher rate than those 20-34 (Kauffman Foundation)
  • LinkedIn founders average as is 36, Workday founders average age is 52 (TechCrunch)

Did you know?

Why Intergenerational-teamed Startups?

  • Studies show that angel investors prefer to invest in startups with 2 or more co-founders with complementary skills and experiences
  • Intergenerational co-founder teams (Gen Z, Millennial, Gen X and Boomer) foster diversity in backgrounds, experiences and perspectives that yield smarter decisions, better cash management, needed products and services faster and more successfully to market than solopreneurs

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