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4GenNow is committed to helping each member find their intergenerational partner and/or business idea by conducting monthly Meetups with guest speakers along with member-only video conferences and webinars on topics selected by members.

Members receive these valuable free benefits:

  • One-on-One, 15-minute Skype call to answer your questions
  • Email information on Lean Canvas, and tips on how to craft a 30-second Elevator Pitch
  • Receive an email review of your Elevator Pitch with suggestions
  • One-on-One: Email review of your one-page Lean Canvas with suggestions
  • One-on-Several: 30-minute Zoom video conference call with you and other members (Elevator pitch, Lean Canvas)
  • Assistance on final 30-second elevator pitch and one-page Lean Canvas

Member Pledge 

  • Email back a written version of your 30-second Elevator Pitch
  • Commit to participate in Zoom video conference call
  • Email draft of your one-page Lean Canvas
  • Email us specific questions and a two-sentence update on how your search for an intergenerational business partner is going

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