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The 2nd Annual Denver Power Partners Summit is coming October 12

CU South Denver: 10035 S. Peoria Street, Lone Tree, CO 80134

America's Largest Gathering to Connect, Match and Fund Solopreneurs
with Intergenerational Partners and Investors

As a solopreneur, I attended last year’s event thinking it was just another Denver networking opportunity. Boy was I wrong! Prior to the Summit, I was thinking I could build my business on my own. After the Summit, I was much more aware of what it takes to find and attract a co-founder; especially one from a different generation.
— Jan Golden, Founder, iPhone Savvy

Did You Know?

Ever heard of Dropbox? We all have. We probably use it every day. But did you know that before founder Drew Houston was accepted to Y Combinator to fund his project, they asked him to have a business partner? They had to see that more people than just the founder believed in the idea and were ready to put their money where their mouths were. 

FACT: 65% of startups fail because of not having the right co-founders

FACT: Teams with 2 or more co-founders outperformed solo founders (solopreneurs) by 163%


Why Intergenerational-teamed Startups?

Research shows that one of the top reasons startups fail is not having the right team. Often, it’s about a lack of diversity in the team.

When we think about diversity, we often think about race and gender. There’s another, often overlooked component of diversity that every startup can use to become more credible, more impactful, and more successful… generational diversity!

Intergenerational startups with co-founder teams foster diversity in backgrounds, experiences and perspectives. These differences yield smarter decisions, better cash management, and more innovation in bringing products and services to market.

There's no other conference where solopreneurs from four generations can:

meet and learn from each other

pitch to attendees and angels

get advice from angel investors on why intergenerational teams are more successful than solopreneurs


Keynote Speakers


Amy Lynch, Founder of Generational Edge

Keynote: Strategic Generational Diversity
Build Resilience and Innovation into Your Startup


Peter Adams, Executive Director of Rockies Venture Club

Keynote: What Angel Investors Look for in Co-Founders, 
Why Investing in MultiGenerational Teams is Important

Join 500 intergenerational solopreneurs looking to find intergenerational partners and funding
$1,000 Awarded to Five Winners of the Intergenerational Startup Pitch Competition




Speed Networking Sessions

Round Table Presentations

Learn new things



Matching opportunities with partners

ask questions, get real answers

Get Funding for your business


Rapid Fire Intergenerational
Startup Pitch Sessions

Startup Financing Panel Discussions

Intergenerational Round Tables




Debbie and Dave Halls-Evans

Coo and Ceo, Real Leadership Coaching


Debra Robinson

President, Centennial Revenue Management

Donna Armelino, Red Rocks Community College

Alex Belding, WebriQ

Creighton Bildstein, PlattPointe Capital

Alyce Blum, Networking Coach

Brooke Chesnut, Business Coach

Christine Comer, Colorado Lending Source

Jerry Comer, Owner, Comer Associates

Jon Cook, Founder, Keynote Content

Royce Gomez, Business Coach

Chris Hambor, Founder, The Singular Effect

Stefanie Kilts, Founder, Mammoth SEO

Bob Kittridge, Owner, Kittridge Connection

Michael Knight, Angel Investor, Prime Capital Connections

Chris McGrath, Senior Associate, Goodspeed Merrill

Heather McMichael, Faculty, Community College of Aurora

Warren Munick, Faculty, Pikes Peak Community College

Ben Oelsner, Owner, KO Firm

Ceyl Prinster, President, Colorado Enterprise Fund

Flo Raitano, Director, Denver Regional Council of Governments

Bill Saltz, Sr. Director, Legal Shield

Susanna Spaulding, PhD, MBA, Professor, Colorado Mountain College

Robin Szeliga, Business Coach, Right Action Consulting

Nick Titus, CEO, Myonic Tech

Lawrence Wagner, Chief Executive Officer, Spark Mindset

Jon Wilms, Banking Officer, eFirst Bank

Victoria Lam, Banking Officer, eFirst Bank


Before the Summit

One 30-minute one-on-one consultation to perfect your elevator pitch or executive summary for investors.
This alone could help you walk away with a $1,000 check!

Two introductions to potential intergenerational business partners before you even walk through the doors. 
What could finding a business partner mean to your business?

Four "Talk with an Angel" webinars to ask an Angel investor how to overcome obstacles to secure angel funding. 

At The Summit

500 intergenerational solopreneurs expected to attend (over twice last year's number)
Two intergenerational speed networking sessions
Rapid fire pitch presentations
Five pitch winners will each receive checks in the amount of $1,000

After The Summit

One 30-minute one-on-one consultation to perfect your elevator pitch or executive summary for investors


This sounds great and all, right? Sounds like you could gain a ton of experience and exposure for your business and meet some great people at the same time too. As with anything, there's an investment. Remember, this could be the opportunity your startup or business or idea needs to grow exponentially. Isn't that worth the investment?

To possibly change your business forever?

Got questions? We've got answers.


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