Second Annual 4GenNow Power Partners Summit
Was Held October 12, 2018 at CU South Denver

Who Attended?

225 Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Angel Investors, Investors, C-Level Executives, Students and Faculty from Four Generations: iGen, Millennial, Gen X and Boomer


Amy Lynch, CEO of Generational Edge: “Build in Resilience & Agility with Cross-Generational Founders” at 2nd Annual 4GenNow Power Partners Summit, October 12, 2018


Peter Adams, Executive Director of Rockies Venture Club, Presents: “What Angel Investors Look for in Co-Founders: Why MultiGenerational Teams are Important,” at 2nd Annual 4GenNow Power Partners Summit, October 12, 2018


Chip Conley, Airbnb Strategic Advisor, Presents at Second Annual 4GenNow Power Partners Summit, Denver, CO on October 12, 2018

What a creative way to bring 4 Generations together. I attended last year’s Summit and did not know what to expect. I went with the flow and in the end, nearly 11 months later ... if it were not for the 4GenNow Summit, I would not be as far with my startup. I might have tossed in the towel because, let’s face it, the tech startup world is daunting... but not impossible with the right co-founders!!!
— Amanda Metzger, Founder,
As a solopreneur (solo founder), I attended last year’s event thinking it was just another Denver networking opportunity. Boy was I wrong! Prior to the Summit, I was thinking I could build my business on my own. After the Summit, I was much more aware of what it takes to find and attract a co-founder; especially one from a different generation.
— Jan Golden, Founder, iPhone Savvy

As a solopreneur, if you’re tired of losing business because you don’t have the experience, connections or capital… our Summit is for you!

Did You Know?

Airbnb co-founders Brian Chesky, Joe Gebbia and Nathan Blecharczyk are millennials but when they needed to take their idea to the next level, Chesky reached out to 52-year-old baby boomer and hotel entrepreneur, Chip Conley. Conley self-admittedly didn’t have the tech savvy of a millennial, but he had industry experience and wisdom that added value to the company.

“We need to learn how to create intergenerational collaboration and share wisdom in both directions. Organizations for the future are well-suited to create a generational potluck where each person brings what they know best to the table and then we all share that.” Chip Conley

65% of startups fail because of not having the right co-founders

Teams with two (2) or more co-founders outperform solo founders (solopreneurs) by 163%

Why Intergenerational Startups?

Research shows that one of the top reasons startups fail is not having the right team. Often, it’s about a lack of diversity in the team.

When we think about diversity, we often think about race and gender. There’s another, often overlooked component of diversity that every startup can use to become more credible, more impactful, and more successful… generational diversity!

"Six Reasons Why You Should Start a Company with Someone Twice - or Half - Your Age"

Another Successful Intergenerational Startup with Millennial and Baby Boomer Co-Founders

Keynote Speakers

Amy Lynch, Founder of Generational Edge

Keynote: Strategic Generational Diversity
Build Resilience and Innovation into Your Startup

Peter Adams, Executive Director of Rockies Venture Club

Keynote: What Angel Investors Look for in Co-Founders, 
Why Investing in MultiGenerational Teams is Important




Join intergenerational solopreneurs looking to find intergenerational partners and funding
Congratulations to Christian Dooley, Co-Founder of PocketChange
$1,000 Winner of the Intergenerational Startup Pitch Competition!




Speed Networking Sessions

Solopreneur to Co-Founder

Evaluating Service Providers





Matching opportunities with partners

Co-Founder Compatibility

Intergenerational Round Tables 



Rapid Fire Pitch Sessions

Startup Financing Discussions

Get Funding for your business



David Morrison

Partner, Prosperion Financial Advisors

Debbie Halls-Evans

CoO, Real Leadership Coaching

Dave Evans

CEO, Real Leadership Coaching

Debra Robinson

President, Centennial Revenue Management

Rosy Aburto- McDonough

Director, Minority business office of Colorado

Alyce Blum

Networking Coach

Brooke Chesnut

Business Coach

Lawrence Wagner

CEO, Spark Mindset

barbara myrick.png

Barbara Myrick

B&M Construction

jessica acosta.png

Jessica Acosta

Founder / CEO, Environmental Consulting

Talia Bond.png

Talia Bond

Franchise Owner, PostNet

Ben Oelsner

Partner / Owner, KO Firm


Peter Adams, Managing Partner, Rockies Venture Fund

Donna Armelino, Red Rocks Community College

Reyn Aubrey, Co-Founder, PocketChange

Creighton Bildstein, Principal, PlattPointe Capital

Anastasia Button, Founder, Entrennial University

Jerry Comer, Owner, Comer Associates

Chip Conley, Strategic Advisor, Airbnb

Jon Cook, Founder, Keynote Content

Bill Decker, Marketing Dir, Big Data Analytics

Christian Dooley, Co-Founder, PocketChange

Larry Drummond, CEO, The Write Touch

Alan Gibson, Co-Founder,

Royce Gomez, Owner, RoyceTalks

Chris Hambor, Founder, Singular CPA Services

Stefanie Kilts, Founder, Mammoth SEO

Bob Kittridge, Owner, Kittridge Connections

Michael Knight, CEO, Prime Capital Connections

Amy Lynch, CEO, GenerationalEdge

Cameron Martinez, Founder, Epic Marketing Enterprise

Chris McGrath, Senior Associate, Goodspeed Merrill

Heather McMichael, Faculty, Community College of Aurora

Bob Murphy, State Director, Colorado AARP

Warren Munick, Faculty, Pikes Peak Community College

Dillon Myers, Co-Founder,

Bill Saltz, Sr. Director, Legal Shield

Susanna Spaulding, PhD, MBA, Professor, Colorado Mountain College

Robin Szeliga, Business Coach, Right Action Consulting

Nick Titus, CEO, Myonic Tech

Danni Westblade, Loan Officer, Colorado Lending Source

Simon Zryd, Business Gross Strategist, Denver Business Coach


Before the Summit

One 30-minute one-on-one consultation to perfect your elevator pitch or executive summary for investors.
This alone could help you walk away with a $1,000 check!

At The Summit (FREE parking)

200+ intergenerational solopreneurs expected to attend
Two intergenerational speed networking sessions
Rapid fire pitch presentations
Winner will receive check in the amount of $1,000

After The Summit

One 30-minute one-on-one consultation to perfect your elevator pitch or executive summary for investors

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Find a Co-Founder twice or half your age

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